What is Subbuteo development?
Subbuteo development describes all the activities, programmes, pathways and resources that are either existing or need to be implemented in order to ensure that our Member Associations* (MAs) are able to achieve success at the highest level. It begins when a participant enters the game for the first time, whether as a player or a coach and continues through until he or she reaches their goals and aspirations.

The scope and scale of Subbuteo development is considerable, as are the resources that are required to approach it in the best possible way.

Coaches have a major responsibility for the quality of participation experience offered to players. It is critical that there are sufficient coaches and that they have access to appropriate development and education resources to ensure they are properly equipped to carry out this important responsibility.The shift implied under the new development plan is towards improving the competence of coaches through courses, associated programmes and resources that have relevance to their level of coaching, thereby enabling them to provide players with quality learning experiences relevant to their needs.

‘To establish a coach education program that will train and educate the required number of instructors and coaches for the development of Subbuteo’.

To support the development of Oceania players and coaches, we first need to understand the current situation and challenges that currently face Subbuteo in the region.

We need to raise the quality of more coaches to the standards of the best. This can never be a short term plan so OSC is working on a seven year timeframe. At the same time, a long term approach will be adopted for the development of the players.

We need to develop a clear coaching pathway, with an emphasis on technical development and age specific qualifications to ensure that there will be sufficient quality players in the near future. OSC will enhance communication with MA Technical Directors to ensure a comprehensive follow up and identification of the most competent coaches.

The challenge
To develop players who pursue elite competition, there must be coaches qualified to train them. At this time, the OSC system for identifying and training coaches is inadequate, and the quality of coaching is not very consistent.

The aims
OSC will develop an integrated coach education and player development strategy. We will deliver skilled, qualified and licensed coaches, capable of delivering age appropriate coaching for 8-12 year olds, 13-16 year olds, and 17 year olds and over.

This programme is based on training principles to ensure that coaches meet the required standards for each level:
•To promote an on-going progressive improvement of knowledge and expertise;
•To provide a structure to improve communication skills;
•To encourage the development of innovative coaching techniques;
•To provide quality controlled learning in all programmes;
•To increase the enjoyment of football for coaches and players.

All OSC Coaches will be registered on the new OSC Coaching Database within